The features of adhesive permeable stone pavement.

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Update time : 2023-06-09 17:28:44

    Adhesive stone is made of colored gravels glued by special technology, raw materials non-toxic environmental protection, natural color, elegant and generous, environmental protection and economy, is a new generation of stone substitutes. Adhesive stone is made of imported special glue and natural colored gravels by special process. It has the characteristics of solid and beautiful, natural color and not easy to fade. It is a novel art landscape paving material.

1, Natural and beautiful: The texture and color of natural colored stone, the flat and three-dimensional surface give the landscape ground an unparalleled natural effect.
2, Flexible pattern. It can be arbitrarily matched with different colors, textures and sizes of colored stones, which can perfectly copy the plan on the drawing to the ground. 
3. Durable. The excellent wear resistance of specially designed polymer resin and natural colored stone provides a long service life for the ground.

4, Strong permeability: natural accumulation of colored stone paste, uniform distribution of holes, is the best permeability of all permeable pavement

5, Environmental protection - raw materials non-toxic, non-corrosion, the use of advanced production technology, production process energy consumption is very low, aggregate for stone mine corner residual material, maximize the use of resources, waste into treasure;

6, A wide range of applications: garden landscape pavement, city square, villa courtyard, sidewalk, park fitness and leisure places can be widely used adhesive stone

Therefore, adhesive stone has ecological, permeable, breathable and better anti-slip function, and environmental protection, non-toxic, no radiation, no environmental pollution, is a breathing ecological ground.