Gravel in the yard is so beautiful!

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Update time : 2023-06-05 18:31:09
     The more simple material, the more useful it is, even if it is a humble stone, as one of the most common materials of nature, gravel, is the most common and the cheapest material on the construction site, cold rough surface, let us despise gravel, but as long as the gravel is used appropriately, without too much carving, it can show its natural beauty.

    The use of gravel in courtyard design is very common, but it is difficult to get attention. It may often appear in the form of supporting roles, mostly as a foil. In fact, its plasticity is not only so.

Large and small gravel encloses a clear spring. When the courtyard water feature is matched with natural gravel, the combination of dynamic and static can make the water feature appear more natural.

Planting plants on the gravel can bring out the natural color and shape of plants, and make plants look more beautiful with a full sense of wild interest.

If you like to raise succulents, you should also line your yard with gravel, which is best suited for succulent growth.

The edge of gravel open ditch is a common drainage method in the landscape. It not only plays the role of drainage in function, but also plays the role of pavement edge decoration. It is economical and can be designed beautifully.

When the gravel meets the yard, make your yard full of life. If you can achieve a stylish yard without expensive renovations, cheap gravel is a good choice.