Glow in the dark rocks Package

Item No.: 00208
China King Pebble specializes in a wide range of decorative stones, including their popular "Glowing Pebbles". These pebbles are unique in that they have been treated with a special coating that causes them to emit a soft, glowing light in the dark.
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Material: man-made stone  
Color: 13 colors available
Size0.5-1CM 2-3CM 3-5CM 5-8CM 8-10CM
Available time:  8-10 hours
Warranty: one year
Package: 1kg/2kg/5kg/10kg per bag. or Customized
Price: FOB, CNF, CIF etc
Payment: T/T, L/C.
Application: landscaping, road paving, gardening, home decoration,aquarim, fish tank etc.

The luminous stone absorbs light fast and emitslong-lasting light, it can emitdazzling light at night,embellishing a different kind of landscape.

Luminous products absorb and store energy after being irradiated by visible light such as sunling and lights, which can naturally emit ligth for a long time in the dark, and the product repeatedly absorbs ligth and emits light, and has a long life